Fox Island Wilderness

Rockwell Kent’s Fox island

Rockwell Kent, an avid adventurer and pioneer in his time, shared with many other great explorers an energetic view of life, and a love of beauty and nature.

He lived on Fox Island from August 1918 to March 1919. Kent’s primary residence on Fox Island was a small cabin that was part of a fox farm and goat ranch run by Lars Matt Olson.

A true tale of wilderness adventure, Rockwell Kent’s Wilderness: A Quiet Journey of Adventure in Alaska describes his day to day experiences of living in the remote solitude of Fox Island. Compiled from the stories Kent wrote in his daily journal, you can imagine yourself there, experiencing the hardships along with the simple joys he encountered along the way.

Through his thoughtful representation of the landscapes and seascapes at Fox Island, we gain an insight into his life in the rugged wilderness of Alaska. Kent's search for remote and wild northern landscapes to paint took him to many other places during his lifetime, but none were more delightful or majestic than this trip to Alaska.

Come experience the serenity of this remote place…

while enjoying the modern day comforts and genuine hospitality of our staff. The dramatic beauty surrounding Fox Island and the absence of technology in your private cabins will enlighten your mind and refresh your soul.

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